Privacy Policy

Who we are?

We are a family run and locally owned collectibles shop based out of St. Peters MO. We stared out shop out of the basement of our family home, and as we grow we hope to keep the same home grown feeling and attitude in how we do business. We also understand the importance people find in their collections, as we are collectors ourselves, so you can rest assured we will always do our best to handle your collections with care.


Restlesscraft Breakers LLC does not directly collect data to be used for marketing or sale to a third party in any way shape or form. This site however was built on the WordPress platform so their Cookie Policy: applies to this site as well.

Who we share your data with?

None of the information that you provide us will every be sold or shared outside of those who expressly need it to provide the service that you pay for. We also will always only ask for the information that we need, and nothing extra.

How long we retain your data?

Your shipping information, which is often apart of the paperwork for any orders you’ll place with us, may be filed away, but this is only for records of services done to prevent any issues that may arise. Any information entered on this website will be saved strictly at request of your signing up or choosing to save the information in your browser and will be for your eyes, and ease of use, only.

What data will need to be provided?

If you are ordering online with us, or you are sending a SGC submission through us, then we will need basic contact information (name email and phone number) as well as your shipping information (street address, city, state, and zip code) if you need the product/order shipped back to your home. For SGC orders this information is stored on paper and filed away for use as needed. For online orders of product we strictly only use the information that you provide online for shipping and troubleshooting, and orders are stored in our GoDaddy POS system, which is secured by GoDaddy.


Please reach out with any questions that you might have on how the back end is handled, we want to make sure that every person is as comfortable as possible with the process. Feel free to send us an email, or call us in shop and we’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you might have.

Email :

Shop phone: (636)317 – 1410